May 12, 2008

Hush, My Heart, Be Still ... - SECRETA MUSICA Compilation Vol.1

Album: Hush, My Heart, Be Still ... - SECRETA MUSICA Compilation Vol.1
Compiled by: Hail and Alximistis
Year: 2008
Art:Rachel Ann Austin

This is our very first compilation about the music we eclectic and beautiful collection of sounds, a combination of expressions of love, happiness, gratitude, death, sorrow and ecstasy that resound in the nineteen tracks of this work.We hope enjoy our attempt and we wish this help you stretching your musical wings.Take care, and be well.

Hail and Alximistis..

Track listing
1. Lantern - The Clogs (album:Lantern)
2. Ode To a Friend - Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright (album:Pale White)
3. Opus 23 - Dustin O'Halloran (album:Piano Solos Vol. 2)
4. Farewell/Goodbye - M83 (album:Before the Dawn Heals Us)
5. Last Things Last - Rachel's (album:Systems/Layers)
6. The Longest Night - French Teen Idol (album:Enlightened False Consciousness)
7. Birds - Sidsel Endresen & B Wesseltof (album:Out Here, In There)
8. Hush,My Heart,Be Still .. - Andreas Volenweinder (album:Cosmopoly)
9. The Joys Of Stealth - Rome (album:Confessions d'Un Voleur d'Ames)
10. On The Way - Micus Stephan (album:Athos, A Journey To The Holy Mountain)
11. Sarajevo - Max Richter (album:Memoryhouse)
12. Melodia africana - Ludovico Einaudi (album:La Scala Concert)
13. Alleluia - Odawas (album:Raven And The White Night)
14. Achtung, God - Worrytrain (album:Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom)
15. My Garden - Yosebu (album:I'll Be Waiting Till Dawn)
16. A Necessary End ft. Sarah Matthews - Saltillo (album:Ganglion)
17. The Well-Meaning Professor - Eluvium (album:An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death)
18. Odi et Amo - Johann Johannsson (album:Englabron)
19. Where At Night The Wood Grouse - Empyrium (album:Where At Night The Wood Grouse)

part 1
part 2


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