May 11, 2008

Efterklang - Parades

Artist: Efterklang
Album: Parades
Year: 2007
Genre:Post - Rock, Electronica, Post - Pop

Efterklang are a Danish five-piece currently based in Copenhagen."Parades" is their second album on the Yorkshire-based The Leaf Label Label.Efterklang ('reverberation' or 'sound memory' in Danish) have existed since late 2000, started by childhood friends Rasmus Stolberg and Mads Brauer. The duo decamped to Copenhagen from their pastoral origins in the countryside, but eager Danish ears had to wait until 2004 to sample the band's debut, Tripper.

a secret musical language born of ice winds and sequestered myth

"Parades" is the highly anticipated second album by Denmark’s Efterklang, the follow up to their underground hit of 2004, "Tripper". Comprising 11 majestic, otherworldly pop songs, "Parades" manages to be both magnificently ambitious and engagingly intimate; a breathtaking panorama of sound with few clear antecedents. Music with no boundaries. In a parallel universe, songs like ‘Mirador’ and ‘Caravan’ would be number one forever… Completely focus in on the song structures, multiple pianos, strings, shouting choral arrangements, strange rhythms, all forming this huge sonic web of beauty and power, actually extremely emotional at times.

“Cinematic yet incredibly intimate… This is magical, all scintillating interstellar sparkles and the bubbling up of glorious geysers of sound. It creaks with aged weariness and blossoms brilliantly; it is alien yet welcoming, otherworldly yet on your doorstep wearing a bright smile. It’s music to witness the dawning of new ages and the end of days as we know them, music to lose all perspective on and to fall into like a first love”
( Drowned In Sound)


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