April 4, 2008

Armik - Isla Del Sol

Artist: Armik
Album: Isla Del Sol
Year: 1999

is an Iranian guitarist of the style of Nuevo Flamenco. He is among Billboard Magazine's Top Ten New Age Artists of 2005.
Armik strums the heartstrings like some mythic master of romance. His guitar serves as a soulful, emotive voice, demonstrating a technique that is both wild and refined. His music is passionate, sensual, exotic and definitely romantic. Flamenco virtuoso Armik is a passport to an intoxicating musical world. His compositions are sultry Caribbean and Latin rhythms meshed with provocative Old World melodies. Fusing traditional Spanish melodies with jazzy improvisation and progressive rhythms. Armik has concocted a passionate new sound recognized by so many as his own unique style described as "Latin-gypsy-jazz".


"Armik has this amazing ability to completely relax the mind and soul through his music. This album is no exception. Once you hit play, just sit back and let the music entrance you. This is very, very good flamenco guitar and I highly recommend this album."

"Armik carries forward his established reputation of a master composer of tunes of surprising beauty and passion with this album..On the whole, this album has enhanced Armik's reputation as a brilliant musician and helps in establishing his position further as the King of Passion."

"An album of pure excellence, great sound and beautiful melodies. Music from Heaven."


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