April 28, 2008

Johnnytwentythree - JXXIII

Year: 2007
Country:United States

Cincinnati quintet Johnnytwentythree are a band intent on taking cinematic instrumental music to the next level.. the shimmering guitars, the bombastic percussion and the orchestral grandeur are all present here.

..back to the glory days of post-rock

Here’s another band that has been unjustly compared to Yndi Halda at some moment in their career. JXXXIII is a band that focuses a lot in the theatrical and epic side of music. So much that the guy that projects and films the movies shown in their live shows and album is a member of the band. Heck! Even the band’s debut was a soundtrack to one of his films!
JXXIII’s music is big. The centerpieces of the album range from 13 to 20 minutes. The music’s guitar dominated just like Mono or Explosions in the Sky, but the feel of the album is grandiose and epic like buffed-up version of those bands mentioned. The violin also takes a dominant role and acts just as another guitar with both crafting endless melodies until reaching the apex of the compositions. The rhythm section can’t be left behind reminding us of GY!BE in many ways, specially the drummer who plays some excellent drum parts in “Fall of Swords” and “Ghost Soldiers” that gives the music an accessible touch. The music may be a bit slow at times, but believe me that patience will be greatly rewarded and if you let yourself go then you’ll enjoy it all. After a couple of listens to the album I fell in love with it and ever since I got it I try to listen to it at least once or twice a month, or if I don’t have the time then I listen to the moving “Fall of Swords” which makes up for it. JXXIII is a solid album that’s memorable and a gratifying listening experience. Epic Post-Rock hasn’t been the same since Godspeed You! Black Emperor left the ballpark, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable. There are bands like Evpatoria Report, Sweek, Magyar Posse, Sickoakes, our own Johnnytwentythree and a bunch of others. Johnnytwentythree left me impressed and stunned.(progarchives.com)


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