April 8, 2008

Various Artists - Phantom Channel Compilation Part 1

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Phantom Channel Compilation Part 1
Year: 2008

from label:

Why are sounds important? Sound is important for many reasons - but have we forgotten what sound actually is? For millions of years sound couldn't be captured and eons of resonance was lost in the mists of time. If Stockhausen, Tietchens and Froese have taught us anything, their message should be that even the most mundane of sounds are to be cherished. Sounds are all unique: the idle chatter of fax machines, the drip of water, footsteps, rustling leaves, gentle rain - all of these are as valuable as any instrument. It is with this sentiment that Phantom Channel presents Part 1 of its 2 part introduction compilation. Part 1 features nine predominantly ambient-based compositions that explore texture, emotion and resonance framed in a cosmopolitan mix of untapped sanguine beauty... From the abstract, yet celestial sounds of Svefn, through the hazy warmth of Scotland’s Mosca. The strange, other-worldly beauty of Parhelion and the violent storms contained within the Lethosomn Vangelis inspired soundscapes. We hope that this compilation appeals to all.


01.Engine7 - A Few Remaining Moments (6:18)
02.Parhelion - Forgotten Outpost (7:04)
03.EL Heath - Electric Storm (3:04)
04.Adam Trainer - Sedation (3:29)
05.Weird Fields - QED (7:47)
06.Lethosomn - Engulfed in Red Clouds (9:36)
07.Brakhage - Early Morning Frost (4:00)
08.Mosca - Brand New Polaroid (13:35)
09.Svefn - Lightness (3:14)



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