April 25, 2008

Dustin O'Halloran - Piano solos vol.2

Artist:Dustin O'Halloran
Album: Piano solos vol.2
Year: 2006
Country:United States,Italy

ustin O'Halloran
is an acclaimed pianist, who has done work with Sara Lov for Devics and has also been featured on the soundtrack for the Sofia Coppola 2006 film Marie Antoinette.O’Halloran grew up as a classically trained pianist but after a relocation to live with his father, he parted from the instrument for over a decade before he would rediscover his passion. After meeting his now other half of the independent shoegazer band Devics, Sarah Lov was the inspiration he needed to begin playing again. Through writing music and playing with Lov, his focus within the LA-based group slowly turned towards the piano. With inspirations ranging from Beethoven and Chopin to Mogwai, he takes his eerily gorgeous music from the Devics and strips it down to the bones. The result is timeless beauty that is full of aching emotion.


".. The album is amazing in many respects and for O’Halloran, I would imagine it was a wild success in composing a lifetime of events and feelings into pieces of music. For his listeners, it really depends on your taste and perhaps even your level of involvement. If you have it on in the background, you may not notice the intricate details woven within each track and the sadness mixed with joy that can be felt throughout. However, if you turn out the lights, sit in a comfortable chair that will allow you to reflect on whatever the music inspires in your own self, I’m willing to bet that you will fall head over heels for Solos and soon find yourself enveloped in the masterpieces so perfectly directed towards the heart."(adequacy.net)

"..Piano Solos Vol. 2 is literally what its title says it is: a collection of piano solos, performed with an acute tenderness by Dustin O’Halloran, fifty per cent of US-born but Italy-based duo Devics. When heard through headphones, it’s music to slow a step to a crawl, to have the eyes finding a previously unseen splendour in something so everyday you’ve only ever overlooked it before now. It’s music that has the day’s star shining that little bit brighter; music that could, if amplified across the park, have pigeons dancing across the brilliant blue sky in perfect slow-motion synchronicity. A ballet set to a score to melt an ice queen’s heart."(drownedinsound.com)

"Piano Solos vol. 2," is a timeless array of concertos that fluidly cascade from serene to demanding, seemingly crying out to tell a story with each note. The cinematic opus unravels as if allowing a glimpse into O'Halloran's soul, or a soundtrack to his memories. The heart-swelling compositions appear fragile, yet haunting, capturing moments of melancholic bliss, brimming with introspection."(pluginmusic.com)


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