April 8, 2008

Die Macht - Blut unter den Fahnen

Artist: Die Macht
Album: Blut unter den Fahnen
Year: 2006


Apocalyptic war music from this Swiss outfit. Literally meaning 'more blood under the flag", this LP is "...a homage to the victims of allied bombardments, and in particular to the town of Dresden". Martial post-Industrial, orchestral, neoclassical with dark ambient. Heroic imagery with some German historical excerpts.The EP caused quite a buzz and got many rave reviews, yet it was but an appetizer for the real thing: Blut unter den Fahnen (heavy 12" vinyl, in embossed sleeve with various inserts, hand-numbered, ltd. 500) could be considered Die Macht real conceptual debut.

"First side, "Mit unseren Fahnen ist der Sieg", depicts the first stage of any conflict, when the war machinery conquers all and seems unstoppable. Side B "Blut unter den Fahnen" speaks of downfall, sacrifice and final despair. This is darkest ambient / martial industrial music, with an elegant neo-classical touch, in the same league as - and it will definitely appeal to fans of - Thoroidh, Arditi, Turbund Sturwerk or Les Joyaux de la Princesse. Yet Die Macht has developped its own, very unique sound, huge, powerful, menacing, like an all-engulfing darkness. Hard as Krupps' steel, heavy as lead, cold as the night. The tracks build up slowly, from the distant echoes of church organs and bells to heavy drums and full orchestral power complete with air sirens wailing. Music of fire and steel, of pride and honour, of death and nothingness. Music that arise from the blood-drenched European soil. Last track is so apocaliptically noisy you'll think your needle is damaged. One can see the bombers vomiting death upon the burning city of Dresden. As Europe history is re-written again and again, a few do remember. (Lars K.)"


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