April 22, 2008

Tuu - All Our Ancestors

Artist: Tuu
Album: All Our Ancestors
Year: 1995
Genre:New Age,Ambient,Tribal
Country:United Kindom

Deep, ancient atmospheres. A rich combination of the exotic and the electronic. A mystical, magical travelogue exploring old, hidden dimensions. Tuu are Martin Franklin on water drums, clay pots, tibetan bells and gongs, Rebecca Lublinski on flutes, and Mykl O'Dempsey with synths and samples.Tuu is an ambient music group, sometimes categorized as new age. The trio emerged from the post Acid House chill-out scene of early 1990s in the UK, blending electronica and the emerging sampling technology with traditional and invented global instrumentatio.

"Put your headphones on, adjust the levels to achieve maximum results, close your eyes, open your heart, breathe deeply and take in all the sensations this disc will provide you. Light a stick of incense while you're at it; it'll enhance the experience. When you listen to this disc you embark on a transcendental journey from within. This is music with an Eastern flair, complete with water drums, clay pots, flutes(Chinese and Bansuri) , chants and various percussion instruments that are blended with samples, synths and loops for an otherworldly experience. Although it is heavy on the Eastern vibe, like meditative monks dancing through your head, the universal appeal of this ambient world music goes beyond religions into the realm of spirituality. This is a good disc to listen to focus your attention within and reach out to the world around you. It is extremely peaceful, relaxing and not in the least bit boring since the exotic nature of the instruments holds your attention quite well. This music shadows the distant past, the unknown future and the mystery of life. Recommended as a backdrop for those meditative moments in life."(Enrique Torres)


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