April 6, 2008

The Gathering - Souvenirs

Artist: The Gathering
Album: Souvenirs
Year: 2003
Genre:Gothic progressive metal, Atmospheric Rock,Trip-rock,Alternative

is the eight studio album of the Dutch rock band The Gathering.This album was even more a turning point for The Gathering than How to Measure a Planet. With this album they turn away completely from the kind of music which got them confused with Gothic Metal at the beginning of their career. Instead we get a really modern sound - lots of effects, different instrumentation throughout with the distorted guitar as an important, but not dominant element. The drums are really laid back, often not using the snare drum in favor of brush or rim/stick.
When a band tries to label itself, consciously tries to pigeonhole its style into a genre label, the result is usually bad. With Souvenirs, The Gathering - apparently tired of being called a metal band, as by now they clearly are anything but - coins their ever-developing style "trip-rock." I assume the idea is that dreamy, atmospheric compositions featuring occasionally slow, sleepy beats and Anneke van Giersbergen's inimitable vocals floating over all gives the music a trip-hop flavor, but it's still grounded in rock music's driving rhythms and distorted guitars.

"The music found on 'Souvenirs' is dark and melodic. I'm reluctant to call this Gothic Metal but it does pertain to some of their arrangements; however, there's thankfully no screaming or growling here and the rhythms are as elegant as they are heavy. Anneke Van Giersbergen is the main female vocalist for the group and she's got an impressive range that's striking and emotive. With the exception of a few, I've never heard a more beautiful voice in my entire life. Her dramatic singing style captivates and tantalizes the listener to the point where they can't get enough!"

"Souviners continues in the direction the band started with "How to Measure a Planet", longer, sprawling, atmospheric, dark "rock" songs that grip at your emotions. Anneke has never sounded more beautiful, and the rest of the band has written some of their most inspired music to date. Broken Glass, You Learn About It, and A Life All Mine (feating Ulver and former Arcturus frontman Trickster G) are just simply amazing songs."

"Full of energy, life and emotion, The Gathering create a unique musical experience blending rock and some electronic instrumentation with incredible soaring female vocals. Don't pass this one up!"

"Souvenirs, Dutch metal outfit The Gathering's latest album, marks their final shift out of metal and into a new, undefinable sound composed of heavy lyrics, dark melodies, a melancholic tempo and the ethereal vocals of Anneke van Giersbergen..listen to the uniqueness of her voice and the extreme range it conquers throughout the album. Clearly dripping with emotion, each note of each instrument twisted with Anneke's vocals convey the deep feelings and powerful composition behind each song."


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