April 16, 2008

Eluvium - An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death

Artist: Eluvium
Album: An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death
Year: 2004
Country: United States

An absolutely gorgeous album containing only solo piano pieces. The pieces are simple, and relatively short, but ring out beautifully. Beauty in simplicity is the key theme here.


"Returning exactly one year after dropping one of the most consistently gorgeous ambient rock records of the last decade with 2003's Lambent Material, Eluvium's Matthew Cooper follows it up with, well, one of the most consistently gorgeous neoclassical records of the last quarter century. An entire album of haunting, intimate suites for solo piano, this album is perhaps even more emotionally gripping than his previous acclaimed work. Recorded in less than two hours using only one microphone and no overdubs, it is completely live, with no editing, mixing, mastering or post-production of any kind on the recording. It is this sparse, naked beauty that makes this record so breathtaking and so addictive. Well, that... and the totally mind-blowing artwork.

"The compositions on this album just seek deep into your heart and soul. Stylistically this album grabs me a lot more then the other more ambient works in the Eluvium catalog. Buy it, grab a glass of red wine or bourbon, turn off the lights, close your eyes and get swept away...."

"An all-piano album here, and it's great relaxation music. The pieces are very melodic and very expressive so it doesn't fall into the lump of "easy listening" aka non-challenging music. Parts of "The Well-Meaning Professor" even remind me of X-Japan's "The Art of Life".


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