April 3, 2008

Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright - Pale White

Artist: Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright
Album: Pale White
Year: 2004


Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright is a collaboration album between French musician Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright, a female musician, singer and songwriter from USA. This album was recorded in just about twenty days.
No need to introduce Yann Tiersen well known for his Amélie Poulain and Good bye Lenin soundracks,he's a mainstream sensation who's dabbled in rock, punk, pop, and various works for stage and screen; a popular aesthete whose stark compositions are comparable to those of Erik Satie and Phillip Glass.
Shannon Wright, on the other hand, is just being discovered but is already known for her highly emotional records (4 albums released by Touch & Go, produced by Steve Albini), as well as for hard-nosed performances.
Entirely written, composed and recorded within 20 days, this record is a pure marvel and is produced by Fabrice Laureau (already sound technician for "L'absente" and producer of Françoiz Breut, Dirty 3, nif Trio, among others).Pure wonder of sensibility, simply moving. Shannon Wright and Yann Tiersen share the same sensibility and sense of propriety, giving birth to these 10 luminous and fragile tracks.


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