April 18, 2008

Clogs - Lullaby For Sue

Artist: Clogs
Album: Lullaby For Sue
Year: 2003
Country: Australia,United States

Clogs are four classical musicians hailing from Australia and the United States.Clogs create music that is highly visual, but the visions they create are of places unknown. Yet for all that they invoke familiar emotions: love, despair, happiness, loss.Think myriad stars in Aussie skies; red desert violins; gnarled attic guitars; medieval bassoons; junkyard metal percussion. Lullaby for Sue is an exploration into sounds that could very well date back to the days of Mozart, but also have the same cinematic scope as, say, Rachel’s or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Regardless of the comparisons, Clogs is a very intricate and sophisticated sound.

"An interesting, and often quite beautiful, record, this. There's in a way too much meat and potatoes here to skate over in a mere review, so I won't try to verbally break it down too much.
Clogs play classical compositions that straddle the boundaries with experimental rock, and while 'Lullaby For Sue' often feels like pure impressionism, a constantly shifting atmosphere, there are moments that remind me of the strings of dEUS, some territory between Trent Reznor and Philip Glass, the mesmerising looped motifs of Can, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and even (one particular part of 'Who's Down Now', the second track) 'Soul Bossanova' by Quincy Jones! The soundscapes are mainly created on violin/viola, bassoon, guitar and percussion, though there is a single very beautiful vocal track, 'Gentler We', on which main composer, Padma Newsome sings. The record is often quite melancholy, often abstract and contemporary, as if illustrating a silent movie, and there is a lot of space. It ain't the record to fire you up for a night on the town, but certainly creates a brilliant autumnal atmosphere for naked thought, and crazy daydreams.(drownedinsound.com)"


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