April 16, 2008

Boards of Canada - Music has the right to children

Artist: Boards of Canada
Album: Music has the right to children
Year: 1998
Genre:Ambient,Tri Hop,Electronica,IDM
Country: Scotland

How could two guys from Scotland take very minimalist 'tunes', broken bits of melody, and beats that sound of the era of COmmodore 64's or Atari 2600s and make an album that sounds almost religious-- without a hint of the smugness or the pretense that blesses or curses other artists. What this album encompasses are ambient soundscapes pared with light scratching and a little bit more..... It's not like when this album came out they were doing anything strange or new.... it's just that what they were doing was so much better than what anyone else had done before.... or since....

Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin are the two brains behind Boards Of Canada. Although Music Has The Right To Children was the first album from the band to benefit of a wide release, it was not their first record. In fact, the story of BOC started back in 1976, while the boys were still at college. Eoin only joined the band in 1986, as a bass player. By the end of the eighties, BOC was reduced to three members, and, by then, the characteristic melancholic sound of the band was maturing nicely. Beside the musical project, BOC were also experimenting with imagery, enhancing their live performances with films and photos. By the mid nineties, they started releasing Eps and albums on their own Music70 imprint, only to be noticed by Manchester based label Skam, for which BOC would record the Hi-Scores EP.

The release of Music Has The Right To Children, in April 1998, jointly by Warp and Skam, would receive much critical acclaim, being voted album of the month in many dance-orientated magazines. The typical blend of breaks, quirky melodies and clever samples would also meet public success. With Wildlife Analysis and An Eagle In Your Mind, BOC instantly introduce the listener to the sound that is so intrinsic to the album: a deluge of luxurious layers of synthetic waves, amazingly complex heavy hip-hop beats and clever voice samples, intricately woven into the rhythm patterns, or surfacing when least expected.

The music created by Sandison and Eoin always sounds so effortless and easy-access, but is very elaborated indeed, and very often work on many different levels, not always immediately perceptible. This means listening to Music… is a continuously renewed experience. Sandison and Eoin also insert little interludes between “main” tracks, to give more breathing space to the listener. It is difficult to isolate one track from Music…, as all the songs interact with each other, creating a patchwork of psychedelic dreams, surrealism and abstraction.

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