April 8, 2008

Primus Inter Pares - Gerda

Artist: Primus Inter Pares
Album: Gerda
Year: 2006


The man behind this project is Frank Machau, the composer, singer and main musician of ORPLID, the band with which we made our first steps as a free-lance label back in 1997. Exactly eight years later, "Gerda" is a mutual move towards new pastures, towards more electronic sounds, towards atmospheric and organic music with delightful and dark melodies. It is the music of our childhood, music from the age of New Wave and Electro Pop, which merges together on "Gerda" in a contemporary and sensitive way. Primus inter pares seems to strive for pure perfection, yet there are still sounds that escape from this flawless shell, instilling the album with a special vividness. primus inter pares love to experiment, to alienate, to slow down and modify their sounds. From these experiments, a work of music is formed that is completely electronic, yet seems perfectly organic and natural.
"Gerda" is Frank Machau's gift to his daughter; all the songs were written and performed for her. The foundation for these tracks was the music he experienced consciously in his childhood and early youth, and which he still loves today.

Could you imagine anything sweeter than a father writing an entire music album for his daughter?Dreamy synths, minimal rhythms, melancholic but also joyful melodies, and vocals still strong, but also full of kindness and paternal care.You will love it!


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