April 11, 2008

Sidsel Endresen - Bugge Wesseltoft Duo - Out Here In There

Artist: Sidsel Endresen - Bugge Wesseltoft
Album: Out Here In There
Year: 2002
Genre:Jazz,piano jazz,Fusion

Sidsel & Bugge Duo
is the latest instalment documenting the astonishing musical empathy between awesome singer Sidsel Endresen and keyboard wizard Bugge Wesseltoft. This state-of-the-art union between singer and accompanist sees two master musicians creating music in the moment.

Theirs is a total music situation - who can say where the song ends and the accompaniment begins? Each becomes the other, a pulsing of one heartbeat as words and music are shaped by a cross flow of impulses woven into a complete whole the moment they are flung into space.
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