April 13, 2008

YANSIMALAR & Suren Asaduryan - VUSLAT

Year: 2001
Genre:World,Anatolian Folk

Yansimalar (Reflections in English)
is a Turkish band , founded by Birol Yayla on guitars and Tamburs and Senol Filiz on Ney (reed flute) in 1990. Until joined by Engin Gurkey on percussions and Alper Berksu on keyboards, the duo released two albums, namely Yansimalar (1991) and Bab-i Esrar (1995). After the new formation, they released 3 more albums, Serzenis (2000), Vuslat (2001), Pervane (2004)
The sound is described as oriental-anatolian, with soothing melodies and having a mesmerizing effect on the listener by the sound of Ney (reed flute). The band describes their objective as : “In this chaotic world of today, our aim is to present people some simplicity and serenity”


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