April 19, 2008

Jasper TX - In A Cool Monsoon

Artist: Jasper TX
Album: In A Cool Monsoon
Year: 2007
Country: Sweden

Following the lovely and appropriately titled sophmore lp A Darkness, along with various 3 inch and compilations, Sweden's Dag Rosenqvist(aka Jasper TX) graces us with yet another breath-taking full length. In a cool monsoon enriches his already distinguished library of releases, offering 7 tracks of diverse instrumentation in delicate drone and field recordings.
With his latest, Dag expands his sound with a broader array of instruments, arranging each individual track with a unique sound and feel of it's own; trailing one's heart through remorse, into light and every human emotion in between. Dag truly proves his worth among a sea of ambient artists with a record that accomplishes a rarity many artists, of any field, can only hope to one day achieve: a poignant balance of melancholy and hope, into one genre-defining album.


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