April 13, 2008

Keith Jarret - The Melody At Night, With You

Artist: Keith Jarret
Album:The Melody At Night, With You
Year: 1990
Country:United States

Keith Jarrett (born May 8, 1945 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA) is an American pianist and composer. He is considered one of the most important jazz pianists, renowned for his elaborate solo improvisations.In 2003 he received the Erhielt “Polar Music Prize”—the alternative Nobel prize for music.


Keith Jarrett is an accomplished jazz pianist. Many of his recordings and live performances are characterized by passionate and brilliant solos - but this recording is different. Jarrett has chosen a series of standard tunes and presents them as if he's performing a personal concert for you and your fellow-listeners. The piano (extended in its dynamic range) speaks volumes here. The tunes are quite familiar, but I heard several as if for the first time; 'My Wild Irish Rose' quickly loses its over-sentimental character, and the simple American tune 'Shenandoah' acquires heartbreaking dignity. Highly recommended."

"I can't seem to pull myself back to work and away from this beautiful music. I have always loved Keith Jarrett solo, and he has satisfied my desire for beautiful, loving, classic solo piano with this CD. The songs in and of themselves are classics, and I have known many of them since childhood. "My Wild Irish Rose", "Someone to Watch Over Me", "Shenandoáh" - all lovely, familiar, and I find myself humming along. I am not a jazz fan, but I am passionate about the piano. This CD really answers my call for the perfect recorded piano music."

"Wow! This is the rare jazz record of late that I cannot get out of my CD player. Passion, simplicity, and an absolute command of space and silence echo throughout. As an earlier fan noted, the version of "Blame It On My Youth" is another definitive reading of this piece by Jarrett, who turns it into absolute poetry.This is the perfect record for quiet, romantic times, a great record for contemplation."


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