April 1, 2008

Signal Hill - Signal Hill

Artist: Signal Hill
Album: Signal Hill
Year: 2007
Genre:Instrumental,Post - Rock,Shoegaze

Signal Hi
ll is Tim Cooper (drums), Dave Masters (guitar), Brian Vasallo (bass/keys), and Rishi Arora (guitar). Signal Hill the band was originally constructed as a writing project for both Brian and Rishi in the first months of 2003. Signal Hill creates mid-tempo dreamy/shoegaze instrumental music, with lush melodies, driving build-ups and infuriatingly catchy hooks.


"It's affecting stuff and, like most of the music found here, is proof that Signal Hill have the raw talent to write some great material" - Kris Ilic - The silentballet.com

"With their self-titled EP, Signal Hill takes the passionate, heart-wrenching, and epic sound perfected by bands like Explosions in the Sky and distills it to its very essence." - Stephen Chamberlain - Click for Full Review by Decoymusic.com

"LA’s up-and-coming post rock act Signal Hill put down a handful of tracks that give a hint of how fantastic their live performances are. It's an EP made up of alternating waves of building and crashing sonic prettiness and rockness that at times even give Austin’s Explosions In The Sky a run for their money." Radio Free Silverlake

"It’s always nice when you randomly find a promising new band on myspace – and it’s even better when that band illustrates exactly why your initial impressions should be trusted with the release of a stunning EP. For me, Signal Hill is one such discovery. Drawing on influences such as The Mercury Program, The Six Parts Seven and, erm, Twin Peaks, “California Is too Long” must rank as one of the more uplifting instrumental songs of the year, with an enticing blend of intertwining guitars and piano sandwiched around a rather intriguing soundbite. (Richard White - The Silent Ballet)"


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